It has finally happened. I have created my own teeny tiny universe in which I can do two very opposite things: write long elaborate narratives about what is supposed to be summed up in a hash tag line. You see, I’m a big fan of the hash tag concept. What better way to sum up thoughts and/or situations than a bunch of smushed up words that take a good minute to seperate by reading them aloud a few times? Stop it, you know you do that.

I love the hash tag idea but I’m a bit backwards in how I’ve been using it. I’m what you would call that annoying chick on Facebook who uses hash tags like she’s on twitter. If she actually logs into, twitter she gets so overwhelmed by all the tweets in her feed that she shuts down and/or only retweets stuff instead of coming up with anything original on her own. Yeah, uh, that girl.

Sidenote: here’s a brief and very official (i.e. wikipedia) explanation of what a “hash tag” is:


Short messages on services such as Twitter or identi.ca may be tagged by including one or more hashtags: words or phrases prefixed with the symbol#,[9][10] with multiple words concatenated, such as those in:

#Wikipedia is my favorite kind of #encyclopedia

Then, a person can search for the string #Wikipedia and this tagged word will appear in the search engine results. These hashtags also show up in a number of trending topics websites, including Twitter’s own front page. Such tags are case-insensitive, with CamelCase often used for readability.

Definitions for some hashtags are available at hashtag.org. Hashtags were invented on Twitter by Chris Messina.[11]

One phenomenon specific to the Twitter ecosystem are micro-memes, which are emergent topics for which a hashtag is created, used widely for a few days, then disappears.[12]

Other sites, such as Hashable, have adopted the hashtag to use for other reasons.

The feature has been added to other, non-short-message-oriented services, such as the user comment systems on YouTube and Gawker Media; in the case of the latter, hashtags for blog comments and directly-submitted comments are used to maintain a more constant rate of user activity even when paid employees are not logged into the website.[13][14] Real-time search aggregators such as Google Real-Time Search also support hashtags in syndicated posts, meaning that hashtags inserted into Twitter posts can be hyperlinked to incoming posts falling under that same hashtag; this has further enabled a view of the “river” of Twitter posts which can result from search terms or hashtags.

Anyway. It is my personal belief that the concept of using smushed-up-words-preceded-by-a-hash tag is really great and it should pretty much just be adopted by the English language as a whole (This is my way of getting out of the fact that I’m Twitter-lazy). But in all sincerity, what better way to categorize the happenings of life? I mean, my life in particular needs quite a bit of categorizing if I’m even going to get by. I’m a new mom (#mamifail, #mamiwin, #adventuresinparenting, #overitpregnantedition (easy kids, this will be written about as FLASHBACKS, I’m not knocked up currently. I repeat, NOT currently bakin’ baby buns.)), a full-time graduate student and (unpaid) intern (#gradintern), and an all around snarky, witty, sarcastic, ENTP (MBTI, holla! #gradintern joke…) woman who always has a lot to say (#icanhas(blank)?, #imjustsayin, #getchusome).

Oh and to go along with #myhashtaglife I have dutifully created a Twitter account just for this little gem in the blogosphere. Don’t say I’m not willing to change! Oh and uh, like, totally follow me @myhashtaglife. Yeah. That felt weird.


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  1. Elyse

     /  November 17, 2011

    Wait wait wait wait wait. You’re ENTP too??!? THE REASONS WE ARE FRIENDS KEEPS GROWING. ❤


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