no vampires for me #thisismylifenow

I’m only 26 years old but sometimes I feel like I’m 46. A mere year ago I could hang. Well, I was pregnant a year ago so more like 18 months ago. Back then, a midnight movie was a goal in life, especially one featuring the conception of a vampi-human and the werewolves that are pissed about it. But alas, as I sit on my couch watching prime suspect in my jammy jams (I have a baby, I can call them jammy jams.) the mere thought of being out of my home past midnight makes me shudder. And the possibility of a baby who still nurses once in the middle of the night getting up while I’m out makes me feel guilty. And I didn’t even do anything!

But the biggest thing I feel right now is ok. Cuz so what? Sure, I’m a fan of glittery vampires and shirtless native wolf-men, who isn’t ?! Don’t answer that. But mystical creatures hiding out in the pacific northwest do not delight me as much as a half awake and snarling 5 month old finding an equally half-awake (and only sometimes snarling) mama in the dark for the liquid gold (aka breast milk, k?). I know that the days of middle of the night nursings will someday pass and I’ll be free to do big things once more! Like getting 8 consecutive hours of sleep in a row. Until then, vampires on blu-ray and chunked up sleep times it is! Happy Twi-harding to those who can and will! #thisismylifenow

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