FunEmployed! #adventuresinparenting

Originally I had this really long post about my job search and how it’s not going as planned, might as well make the best of this time blah blah blah.

No. Enough already, it’s time for fun posts once again. Today I made finger paint from SCRATCH! What!? Yes. And it was awesome and super easy and I loved it. And my kid, well she sort of loved it. She wasn’t as thrilled as I was with it but then again I only let her paint via a ziploc bag. She’s too young for the real thing, seriously there are not enough smocks in the world.

The inspiration for this project came from pinterest of course, where I spend a LOT of my time these days. I freakin’ love pinning all the things! Not to mention these extra projects are a good way to keep me occupied these days while I lay in wait for full time work.

The pins that inspired this project can be found here and here. And now for your viewing pleasure [WARNING: EXTREME CUTENESS IN FINAL PICTURE OF THIS SEQUENCE]:

Cute, right? There’s a lot of green paint due to my not having any red food coloring (durn you delicious red velvet brownies!! also a pintrest project). But I do have some leftover white paint and will invest in some red dye soon. I wish I could say my kid LOVED this and played with it for hours but this was like a 5 minute thing for her and then she was over it. BUT, I didn’t have to go out and buy any new supplies and it was fun to make! And come on chubby baby fingers playin’ with paint stuffs? Ah-dorbs.


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