Obligatory New Year’s Post #thisismylifenow

Well we made it through the not-end-of-the-world and it’s actually 2013! 2012 was a particularly challenging year for me and my little family, especially with me having gone a full 13 months without a full-time job, working long internship hours and finishing school. Concurrently, those were also my biggest achievements this year and for that I’m very proud.

I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions but the more I think about it, the more I realize that there are quite a few things I would like to achieve this year and I need to challenge myself to at least try. So here is my obligatory list of resolutions I’d like to share and if there are any that ring true for you let me know and we can be resolution partners! Alrighty, here we go.


1. Lose weight: duh, already working on it, moving on.

2. Exercise more: although very much related to number one, I’m more so thinking about the other benefits of exercising such as more energy, better sleep, less aches and pains from sitting all day at work and more stamina to keep up with my kid.

3. Read 50 books: there was a time in my life when I read books for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I made it through #48 in the Baby Sitters’ Club series in a matter of weeks when I was 10. British literature senior year of high school? Best year of assigned books ever! Seriously, I read every one and loved them each. I am a bookworm and I need to get back to reading more and being aware of the good stuff that’s out there. That reminds me, here’s my Good Reads profile in case you wanna hit me up.

4. Write more: After 3 years of writing papers, I can’t slack off just because I am not assigned to any grad work. Ideally, I would like to update this blog at least once a week but beyond that, I’d like to get back to journal-ling and writing letters too. So much happens in my life every day and sometimes I feel like I have no idea how to slow down and remember everything. Life is short and precious and I want to savor the memories that I know I’ll want to reflect on when I’m older. Not to mention, having something to pass on to my children in the form of my written experience would be something special. I also want to start using the stationary I’ve been collecting over the years, always with the intent to write to family and friends. And for selfish reasons, I need to keep up with my husband, the poet. Challenge accepted!

5. Enjoy more joy: Nothing has emotionally and spiritually turned my world upside down like the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. For weeks, I was numb and also terrified about what this kind of violence means to me, my child and the world around me. Suddenly, I began to relish even the smallest moments of joy and love with my daughter. It was as if for the first time I understood what it really meant to cherish her and I can’t let that feeling go away just because the press is no longer covering Sandy Hook. Yes, parenting can be challenging and some days are harder than others but when I look at her, I can’t help but feel pride and joy in what her father and I have created. I want to challenge myself to always take a moment to just be with her and enjoy her ever-growing knowledge and skills and the pure joy she exudes over everything she does. I also want to make a better effort to remind myself that I too can find joy in my own moments alone or with my partner and friends. Sandy Hook, Aurora, Milwaukee and the THIRTEEN OTHER mass shootings in 2012, along with the mounting number of daily homicides in Chicago are an affirmation that is in fact a different world than the one from my youth and every day from here on out is a blessing.

Well, it looks as though I have a lot of work to do this year! I think it could be the best year yet! Time to get to work.

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