FLASHBACK: Introducing #overitpregnantedition

My partner, known to the interwebs as mancakes, is a tech nerd. No, he doesn’t work in the technology field he just loves technology so much that he follows tech blogs, tells me about the latest gadgets and budgets out his paychecks so that he can get the coolest new toy. Our friends dubbed our home “best buy”. There are many perks to having such a passionate tech lover for a partner like looking so cool with my sweet new iPad or finding out how to get Facebook Timeline before everyone else (don’t ask me how I actually did it, he walked me through the whole thing…). And I’m not trying to brag about having timeline it’s just really dang handy when I want to look back on my life according to social media.

And look back I did. I found the post in which we officially announced to the “world” (i.e. Facebook) that we were pregnant. Here’s the original fb status:

husband face took a pregnancy test and failed. fortunately, i’m a much better test taker than him, i passed with flying colors.

Clever huh? Yeah, totally. The date was January 7th, and at this point we were about 5 months pregnant. Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking whoa, that took a while. Well it wasn’t by choice, I was up for a new position where I used to work and I was waiting to learn my fate before telling everyone I was pregnant. Yes, I know it’s illegal to be passed up for a job because of pregnancy but we all know that it wouldn’t necessarily be easy to prove if that was or wasn’t the case. Anywho, I didn’t get the job so needless to say the Facebook announcement was a go.

It was a long road leading up to the fb announcement. I felt like I was living two lives, my life at home and my public life everywhere else, including the internet. We officially told our families at 8 weeks, once we got our first ultrasound done. At 10 weeks, I told my boss just so she could be aware of my sudden increase in bathroom trips and doctor’s visits. At 13 weeks we officially told all of our friends via an emailed birth announcement but we had to tell everyone to keep it off of Facebook because of my work situation. At this point, I was starting to lose track of who knew, who didn’t know and as my hips started to get wider and my belly started poking over my pants, I didn’t know how much longer I could go to work without people noticing my obvious changes.

It was around this time that #overitpregnantedition started to emerge. This hashtag not only came to embody my feelings of being over the physical strain of pregnancy but the social and political strains as well. As soon as we were able to be open about our pregnancy, the floodgates opened to other things as well. Suddenly, people were giving unsolicited advice, telling me exactly what they thought about giving birth or simply making statements about my appearance. For example, while walking down the street one woman yelled out, “you sure there’s only one baby in there!?” You sure there’s a whole brain your head lady?? Dang, that would have been a good comeback had I thought of it then…

Anyway, my plan with #myhashtaglife and #overitpregnantedition is to look back and explore the many moments that really made me feel like I was over it. Of course, pregnancy is no walk in the park so naturally the physical strain was what made me feel over it on many occasions. But more often than not, it was the overwhelming feeling as though I somehow became public property once I began to show. It was about the days when I literally would have rather stayed home than be stared at, smirked at, talked at, bumped into or potentially groped. It was about my desire to still be seen as me, not just as a mom-to-be or a working mother. And when babycakes dropped into my nether regions and started practicing her exit plan, it was about literally wanting my body back to myself so that I could feel some sense of control over it once again.

But don’t worry, not all #overitpregnantedition flashbacks will be this emotionally charged. For instance, here’s another fb status from March 26th:

my 5 year old great niece Aryanna: is having to carry the baby making you tired? Me: yeah. Aryanna: me too.

And I’ll leave you with this little nugget too:

it’s official: I’ve reached the full time waddling stage. don’t laugh, just get outta my way. – April 15th

Stay tuned!