So as it turns out … #healthytimes


…I’m a big fat liar with stretchy pants on fire. Several months ago, you may recall that I wrote a post about my plan to get healthy and fit and I inserted a picture of a granny smith apple and walked around feeling awesome. I started tracking calories and somewhat working out but it didn’t last very long. July was an especially difficult month having applied for what felt like hundreds of jobs without a single phone call. The jobs I did interview for did not result in offers and in turn, I became depressed, discouraged and defeated. At a time when I should have cranked up the workouts to keep my endorphins up, I instead stopped caring altogether and used food as a way to soothe my icky feelings. I basically fell off the bandwagon before I even test drove the thing and it’s not the first time this has happened.

I wouldn’t call myself a yo-yo dieter, I have to actually diet for that to happen. I’m more of a yo-yo lifestyle changer. I get into something for a good few weeks and then ppptthhbbt. Tried it, did ok, don’t feel like working that hard anymore, pull up pintrest board and pin dessert recipes.

Fortunately, I have snapped out of my funk. I eventually got over myself and realized that if I put more effort back into my health goals, I would at least have one consistent thing I can say I do every single day. Just because I don’t have an office to report to everyday does not mean I don’t have ANYWHERE to report to. I thought to myself, wait, what if I at at least went to the gym everyday? If I had a place I knew without a doubt I could go to everyday no matter what, I could at least start creating more structure in my life once again. See, what I miss most about work is having a place to be everyday. I have something that gets me out of bed, out the door and into the world. So, why not make that the gym? Surely, I won’t spend 8 hours a day there but to wake up and have somewhere to go that I can plan my day around and anticipate is worth so much right now. Not to mention that the end result is not only leaving the house but also upping my heart rate and burning calories! Might as well get sexy if I’ma be putting on pants and shoes every day, am I right?

Anyway, I’m sorry I lied interwebs. Just know that I am in a much better place now.